2011 - 2020

Project Outlines

  • 9years online
  • 11countries
  • 10.3million downloads
  • 6900vehicles
  • 1.6 millioncustomers
  • 24/7customer support


Back in 2011, SIXT and BMW joined forces to launch the joint venture DriveNow, a premium car-sharing service. Vehicles from public or condominium pools could be hired ad-hoc on the streets or in parking garages. The vehicles could be accessed and locked using a chip on the driver's license or via the app and activated by pressing the start button. Drop-offs were possible in other cities or at airports.

BMW provided the premium vehicles and connected car technology, while Sixt contributed car-hire expertise and the necessary IT systems for the car-sharing business. 6-Systems LLC developed and operated these IT systems until the business merger with Daimler’s subsidiary, Car2Go.


The Great Challenge

The mission was to meet the demand for flexible mobility products in urban areas, entice customers to use the premium carsharing product, enable operations in 10 European countries and the USA, comply with all legal requirements, perform software integrations, and, above all, ensure profitable business for both owned and franchised companies.

Our Contribution

Our Ukrainian team assumed responsibility for the design, delivery, operations, and 24/7 support of IT-centric products. Collaborating closely with business representatives from Munich, we established transparent agile processes for the delivery and operations of these mission-critical IT systems:


Native Applications

  • Find and reserve available vehicles or set up a “radar” for nearby available cars
  • Check for damages or report new ones
  • Open the vehicle and start their trip
  • End a trip or transfer the car directly to another customer
  • Purchase products or subscriptions
  • Contact our customer service easily

Responsive Multi-Language Website

  • Enabled automated registration for private and corporate customers
  • Supported identity and driver’s license verification
  • Allowed easy management of private and business profiles, including credit cards and bank accounts
  • Offered subscription purchases, gifts, and voucher redemption
  • Provided access to trip history and invoice downloads



Car Sharing Platform

  • A car reservation system ensuring quick vehicle reservations and access
  • AI-controlled fraud detection and prevention, along with misuse identification
  • Easy rollout and adjustment of pricing models, business areas, and time- and geo-specific products
  • Minimal vehicle idle time during automated infleet, defleet, and servicing
  • Payment options through various instruments (own PCI DSS certified payment platform delivered)
  • Running marketing campaigns, upselling, and sports bidding in cars
  • Smooth integration with charging stations and parking garages
  • Automated processing of administrative offenses
  • High-level transparency in financial, fleet-related, operational, and customer information through our Business Intelligence system


Success Summary

By developing and operating the majority of DriveNow’s IT systems, our team of 56 engineers ensured smooth operations with 99.98% core rental process availability, rapid adjustment for business rollouts in new countries, sustained business profitability, and a seamless merger with the former competitor.