Companion Mobility Management App

2019 - Present

Project Outlines

  • 2years online
  • Rolled outin 3 countries
  • 15.000active corporate users
  • 8new companies
  • Developedin 7 months
  • 24/7customer support


At the end of 2018, the new leadership of SIXT Mobility Consulting set ambitious goals - to internationalize their business, introduce digital technologies, and significantly reduce the load on their call center. To do this, we at 6-Systems helped them fast-track the development of a new vehicle fleet management app.  

The result was Companion, a powerful new self-service app that allows companies to manage common services like tire replacement, fueling, and car return/takeover -- all from a single platform.  



The great challenge

Our project's biggest challenge was getting our product to market as soon as possible to get ahead of competitors in the corporate mobility market. However, thanks to the talents and hard work of our team members, we were able to get the job done and done right. In January 2019, we held our first meetings and discussions for the concept of our new service. By March, the active development stage had already begun. We introduced the first public version of our application on September 1, 2019.

Our Solution

Our Kyiv team is made exclusively of developers with extensive experience in the mobile application development industry. Meanwhile, our management has been in constant collaboration with customers and representatives of external services. This enabled us to establish an optimal development process and get right to work on our ambitious project.



Application features

  • Employees can perform important vehicle usage tasks 24/7
  • Personal assistant for vehicle use in the palm of your hand
  • All important information and contacts are clearly displayed
  • Proactive notification of upcoming news and features
  • Online and offline appointments booking for tires and inspection
  • Pay@pump capability for contactless refueling
  • Car Return
  • Car Takeover

System Core Features

  • suitcaseRegistration with 2-factor authentication
  • handshakeIntegration with leading service providers
  • gas_stationContactless refueling via App
  • language_signMulti language support
  • phone24/7 real time support service



SIXT Mobility Consulting, with help of the Companion, is now ideally positioned to become the European market leader for fleet management and innovative corporate mobility services for corporate customers in all markets.

Suppliers including Shell, Euromaster, and ATU use Companion to sell their services to fleet customers. Together, we have optimized customer care processes, created a consistently high-quality service for increasing productivity, and have won a competitive advantage in the  corporate mobility market.